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Your Food Your Life: Tea Makes the Perfect Gift

For the holidays, Jeanene Bono of Your Food Your Life‘s favorite gift to give is a big mug filled with exotic teas that one normally wouldn’t purchase for oneself.  Bono notes, “The tea might be pricey, but combine it with a great big mug from the Dollar store, and a piece of chocolate wrapped in shiny gold foil, and you’ve got a great gift for under ten dollars.” A great place to buy loose tea is at  Bono purchased 4 oz each of Tiramisu Treviso Rooibos, Cocoa Praline Tart Rooibos, and Cacao Mint Black Tea for $50.  This will give 6 2-ounce portions at $8.33 each.  Add the mug from the Dollar store and a piece of chocolate and you’re at $10 bucks for an awesome gift! Read more from Your Food Your Life.


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