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A Whole New World

Few could have imagined the world of 2020. Without a doubt, this year will go down in history as the one that changed life like never before. From wearing masks in public and social distancing, to required home-schooling and cancelled events, we can only hope that we come out of this a better people, in a better world.

Back to basics

We learned to cook again. We listened to music. We watched movies. "Rat Race" from 2001 is one of our top picks. This comedy is a classic. Here's a preview...

For some, the lock-down it was a respite. For others, not quite so. Without a doubt, it forced us to rethink just about every aspect of our lives.

Nature's reward

Spending time in nature was one of the number one activities that some embraced in this new world. What it does for the mind, body, and soul is priceless.

In the new non-fiction novel, 'House of Trelawney,' author Hanna Rothschild gives readers a glimpse of how today's aristocrats use nature to enrich their lives, to find answers to life's riddles, and to put food on the table when money gets tight. (This book is a must-read, by the way! Pick it up at Booktowne in Manasquan or your local library.)

Calgo take me away

Once you start getting back to nature and into life's true bounty, there is a plethora of locally-owned gardens and nurseries to check out -- and this is our newest mission!

We recently visited Calgo Gardens in Freehold, NJ. What a treat for gardeners of all levels. It's a whole world unto itself. Owner and landscape designer Mark Estomin is helpful with ideas for your garden and landscaping, and will provide on-site design advice, if nearby. They simply ask in return that you purchase your plants at Calgo Gardens.

Calgo Gardens has a bounty of plants to choose from, many native to NJ. And if you want a plant they don't have, they will order it for you. With their guidance, you will have the most amazing garden!

A Community of peace, harmony, and creativity

In addition to a garden center, Calgo Gardens offers much, much more with the help of a few friends. They include the following:

  • Chef/owner Heidi Schulz's Tulip Tree Café, a farm-to-table café serving breakfast and lunch.

  • Dee Duncan and the teachers of the Yoga Loft who share the gift of yoga.

  • Photographer Diana P. Lang shoots amongst the flowering plants, nursery trees, and rustic props of Calgo Gardens for one-of-a-kind portraits.

  • Dana Vargo of Flowers from the Farms sources locally and organically grown fresh-cut flowers, from farm to vase.

Drop the Beet Farms is also a hidden gem at Calgo Gardens. This organic, aquaponic farm grows fresh greens, herbs, and mushrooms for sale at the garden center. Drop the Beet is soil-free, synthetic-free, and herbicide-free — sustainably grown in an integrated system, fertilized by Koi fish!

Calgo Gardens makes it easy to get back to nature — whether you want to do it in your yard, or just by visiting them at theirs, or both!

In our new world, Calgo Gardens is a breath of fresh air.

Until next time, enjoy the smooth voice of Aretha Franklin. Peace!


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