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Which Bathing Suits are making a SPLASH this Year?

Summer is in full force at the Jersey shore and bathing suites are the apparel of choice. So the big question is what’s the Jersey shore wearing during these HOT summer days at the beach? There is a lot trending this year, which makes it super easy to pick out something fabulous to wear both on land and at sea.

Vintage Bathing Suits                        

One swimwear trend that is still making a mark this year, as well as in 2012, is Vintage feel. This 1950’s look is playful and embraces our curvaceous side. You’ll recognize this classic style by its flora prints, sweet heart necklines, and high waisted bathing suit bottoms. Don’t miss out on a style that can make you look like you just stepped into sex appeal.

The Grecian Goddess is back

Another elegant style that never seems to leave the fashion scene is the Grecian look. The main reason this style is so wonderful is

because of the drapes and the gathering of the fabric. Drapes and gathers create a sexy Grecian look that just screams vacation! Most importantly, the draping helps create a more flattering look, which is never a bad thing. This year we are going to update the goddess look by not being afraid of stepping away from the traditional white and gold, and instead adding deep vibrant colors to the mix.

Mismatched and loving it

This last bathing suite trend is going to please the majority of people because it turns out; mismatching is TOTALLY in this year. It sounds crazy, and don’t get me wrong it defiantly takes some getting used to, but what the heck do you have to lose?! The best thing about this look is that it allows multiple and varied wear out of your old bikinis.

Summer is about letting loose and living a little, so why not incorporate that same attitude into your swimwear. I mean how hard can it be? A good way to start is by finding a classic black or white bottom and pairing it up with one of your favorite tops. It’s simple and basically fool proof.

If you’re ready to embrace your inner fashionista then dive head first into the mess that is mismatching! The key is to think, “Go big or go home” and nothing is bigger than PRINTS. Remember that the more clash the better because there is no “wrong” in this scenario, anyone can get this look down right!

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