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Stylists to Follow

We love good hair. And we love our stylists. From time to time, we find ourselves appreciating them even more.

Clarity’s Tracey Mahady is one of our top go-to stylists. We’ve been following her for a couple of decades now. (Wow. Didn’t realize it THAT long!) Tracey gave us the courage to let or natural tresses do its thing (why fight it?), and we love the results time and time again.

Balayage by Tracey

Balayage by Tracey of Clarity in Brielle

But then, a Groupon coupon came along, and the trade it seems, was our better judgement. For a one-length hair style, we carelessly thought a trim and single process color was simple enough, right? Wrong.

Third Time’s the Charm

In hindsight, it could have been worse. It could have been a lot worse. It only took four months —  3 color processes and 3 cuts later to fix some not so great cuts and color. We visited with three different stylists, and our third time was the charm. Tabitha, another go-to stylist from years ago, was able to bring normalcy back to our lives, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Tabitha works out of Salon Solutions in Toms River, a nondescript salon in the 7-11 plaza near Ocean County College. It’s a low-key salon. Disarming, even. As we arrived, a most adorable elderly couple was walking out, leaving what sounded like a festive holiday party. To our surprise, there was no party. It was just the sounds of a typical Saturday with all regulars and their smiles, enjoying the conversation, the snacks and the coffee. The place was a-buzz, and the vibe was good. It’s our kinda place.

Tabitha worked her magic, and two hours later, we left with a great cut, color and glaze. It set us back only $85: a price and quality cut that suits our wallet, and we couldn’t be more delighted with the results. Again, all for $85.

A Nice Promotion from Salon Solutions

A Nice Promotion from Salon Solutions

Stylists to Follow

We did a survey of some Jersey Shore Stylers, and here is a quick list of stylists that we will follow until the ends of the earth! Or at least somewhere in the Jersey Shore!

Tracey Mahady, Clarity, Brielle, 732-223-2920, recommended by Jersey Shore Style

Tabitha, Salon Solutions, Toms River, 732-399-9498, recommended by Jersey Shore Style

Dana Angelo DiBiaseAll Dolled Up, Brick, 732-451-2242, recommended by Gayle of Manasquan

Sally O. Noone, Salon Bella, Point Pleasant, 732-899-2202, recommended by Angela of Point Pleasant

Tami Skok at Turning Heads, Point Pleasant, 732-899-0700, recommended by Joanna of Point Pleasant

Got a stylist that you truly love? Share them with us on our Facebook page.


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