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Nordstrom Has the One Sale to Hit

Great sales are everywhere now, and the one store to hit is Nordstrom. The half-yearly sale is taking place December 26 to January 2, and as soon as we heard it was going on, we booked a personal shopper. This Nordstrom treat doesn’t cost a dime, and the shopping support is valuable beyond measure.

Grab a Personal Shopper

Today, we went on a kids’ shopping excursion, and since it was the fashionista’s first time, we shared some of her style likes and dislikes with Nancy, our personal shopper in Freehold Nordstrom. 

By the time we arrived for our 11:30am appointment, a fitting room was already filled with fashion-forward clothes to try on. Aside from the great clothes, what impressed us most were the prices — it’s comparable to what you’ll find at the big box chains. Our fashionista and Nancy whittled down the selection, added a few more pieces, then it was time to try on.

We allocated an afternoon for the shopping excursion, and it was just the right amount of time. We left with a few sweaters and shirts that fit into one shopping bag. One more item had to be shipped because they didn’t have the right size — free of charge. Our little fashionista was so enthralled with one top and sweater that she wore one outfit home, and out to dinner with family. It was a splendid day, and we have the lovely Nancy to thank to helping to make it so nice.

Nordstrom is One of Our Favorites for a Reason

Through the years, Nordstrom has always been a favorite of ours — it’s just such a pleasure to shop there. We like the calm, peaceful environment, and the staff is as friendly as can be, always ready to assist.

This holiday season, we hit the store a couple of times, and one of the things we noted was the heartwarming camaraderie amongst the staff. This kind of love come from the top down, as it does with every business — and Nordstrom gets it so right.

We hope you are able to get to Nordstrom for this half-yearly sale. Let us know if you find some great finds!


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