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When Harvey Met Sandy

When it’s sunny out, sometimes it hard to imagine how a storm could be raging and so ravaging elsewhere. Today, it’s a different story with the constant rain and wind, so reminiscent of our own storm from 5 years ago. The endless wetness, the fall-like weather. This was Sandy, and now, there’s Harvey. Our hearts go out to those impacted by the storm as it continues to unfold.

Hurricane Harvey: How to Help

NPR has provided a list of charities that are helping to provide relief to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, 

Many of the nation’s biggest brands are also taking action. Anheuser-Busch paused its beer production to fill 50,000 cans with water for Red Cross shelters. Duracell is handing out free batteries. Google created a disaster response map and is making financial donations, like Apple and many others.

We’ve also been hearing wonderful stories of everyday heroes and first responders who are getting people to safety. We pray for their continued strength and courage to help those in need.

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