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Valhalla’s Pirates Come Ashore

Batten down the hatches. Vahalla’s Pirates have hit the Shore and are taking no prisoners. Well…maybe, if you let them. Jersey Shore Style recently attended a showing of “Pyrates in the Park” at the Point Pleasant Boro Community Center

, and we loved it! Valhallas Pirate’s show is an entertaining presentation of a pirate’s life back in the day. It makes for a wonderful evening for kids and adults alike. The show lasts about 45 minutes, and afterwards, kids can share the loot from the pirates’ treasure chest.

Valhalla’s Pirates perform all over New Jersey and nearby states. Their  main goal is to educate people about the “Golden Age of Piracy” during the late 17th and early 18th centuries – what life was like on the high seas, speech and dress mannerisms typical of the time, pirate’s common knowledge and skills, and the different weapons and tools they would have used. In order to do all this, the Pirates employ what is known as “living history” – physically dressing up as and interacting with the public as pirates, which is not only an effective teaching method, but a very entertaining one!

The Pirates also participate in and donate to a number of local charitable and nonprofit organizations, especially those concerning young people with social, emotional, and medical difficulties.

Valhalla’s Pirates can next be seen in Cape May/Lewes Ferry on August 7 and at Jenkinson’s Pirate Day in Point Pleasant Beach on August 17th. They’re also available to hire for your own events, large or small – check out their booking information at their website. We highly recommend them!


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