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This is the Universal Year

Numerologist Michael John Fierro has some interesting new perspectives on the year 2012. For the uninitiated, numerology is a numerical interpretation of names and birthdates, based upon a system that dates back 2500 years. Numerology utilizes the numbers 1-9, and each has a specific meaning.

According to Fierro, 2012 is a “five universal” year. A five year is a year of change, transformation, transitions, and movement.

In Numerology, the number five is an indication of the human experience and the senses, and it is within this context where a greater focus will be aimed. People will be drawn to better educating themselves in new and different subjects, while simultaneously intensifying their knowledge of the “whys” of their lives.

There will be a development in new attitudes and beliefs, and a rejuvenation of the human spirit. Improvements in many aspects of living and commerce may be brought about. New ideas and thought patterns that more keenly connect us to our sense of spirit and our thoughts about oneness may spring up in all segments, cultures, and countries around the globe.

On the negative side of the five universal year, there may be an increase in international nervousness, as reactions to the impending changes are met with fear and a show of force. One of the key conditions of the number five is balance. It is of the utmost importance, Fiero points out, that everyone seeks, and discovers, their own personal middle ground. One must understand, and take responsibility for their actions while giving thought to the effect their actions may have on the overall picture. In many ways, this will be a time of rebirth – of balance, harmony, joy, compassion, consideration and love.

You can learn more about numerology on Fierro’s blog. Also, consider hosting a numerology party: gather 10 of your friends, and each person will receive a 15-minute reading for $35. This will give you a taste of the practice. To complete your reading, book a 45-minute session with Fierro for $65. Unlike astrological or tarot card readings, the your numerology report only needs to be done once in your lifetime. Why not go for it? Jersey Shore Style is. We’ll share the results with you!

Michael John Fierro is a numerologist with over 25 years of experience. He has lectured extensively around the country and has released a book, You Know Your Name… Look Up the Numbers (An Introduction to Numerology). He will be lecturing and signing books at BookTowne in Manasquan on Thursday, January 26, at 7pm: call 732-722-7255 for more information. Make sure to visit his blog for more details and information about numerology!


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