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Tasting Asbury Park

Today, we hit the streets, visiting a handful of Asbury Park’s eateries in its 7th annual restaurant tour.

The weather was fair, and the food was tasty. The great thing about these tours is that it gives you a snapshot of the places that you want to go back to. The ones with the longs lines in the tour were most indicative.

Delighting the Senses

The gelato at Lola’s was lovely, Delicious. The pork taco at Mogos was also delish, especially with the kimichi fixins. Hummus apps at Reyla’s and Twisted Tree were yummy. Sushi at Taka, and the restaurants in general, gave us a great taste of the wonderful foods that they serve.

Although there were shuttles, we ended up hoofin’ it from downtown to the boardwalk, ending our day at convention hall.

It was a great day to be out, and we look forward to coming back to the restaurants!


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