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Tango, Anyone?

Head over to Count Basie Theatre on January 28 or 29 for some dance lessons! “Tango 101: Introduction to Argentine Tango for Absolute Beginners” is a 2 ½ hour class taught by Sergio Segura from Strictly Tango, a dance center in New York City. Participants will learn all the basics of Argentine Tango: musicality, walking, turning, correct posture, and couple connection. The instructors will offer individual attention to facilitate learning and help each dancer gain confidence and the true spirit of the Argentine Tango.

Tickets are available from $35 a person or $65 for a couple – there’s no need to bring a partner! Ages 16 and up are admitted. Visit the Count Basie Theatre online or call 732-224-8778 ext 125 for more information.


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