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Take to the Beach in a Land Rover LR2

Image Credit: Land Rover

Sometimes things have a nice way of falling into place. One of our team members is in the market for a new car. Thanks to the team at Land Rover Monmouth, she was able to take a Land Rover LR2 for a weekend test drive to get a feel for its understated luxury. Driving it is an experience unlike any other. Like putting on a sharp looking shirt (dress or hottie yoga pants), the LR2 will make you look good and feel good.

Of all the Land and Range Rovers models, the LR2 has the best fuel economy (good fuel economy is certainly helping to narrow down the vast car selection). The LR2 is a compact luxury SUV with a less-in-your-face nature than others, but it still turns some heads—something that you’ll have to get used to. The LR2 is fast and responsive—as we like it.  Zero to 40 or 75 (whether you’re on Route 35 or the Parkway) is quick. It’s a fun car to gun.

Driving at night is sweet, and we do love the bright xenon lights. We also like its panoramic dual-panel sunroof, which lets you take in beautiful beach weather whenever you want. The rain-sensing windshield wipers that change speed depending on the intensity of the rain came in handy on this rainy weekend.

We were just a smidge disappointed with some basics like the sound system. We found the dashboard difficult to navigate for the music, but once you have your settings, it’s a breeze. Still couldn’t figure out how to scan stations though. The navigation screen was a little too bright at night for our liking, but it can be put to snooze. To buckle our seat belt, we had to lift the armrest… each time.

Image Credit: Land Rover

Oooh, but here’s exciting news. We just learned that the Land Rover LR2 will be replaced with the Discovery 2015 model. This new model is being considered “the most capable and versatile SUV in its class.” No specific word about when it will hit the showrooms though. Can’t wait to see it!

In the meantime, the LR2 is in the here and now, and it’s a dream car. If Bruce Springsteen and the Queen of England drive it (well, actually they drive Range Rovers, which is owned by Land Rover, but still…), that’s a pretty good stamp of approval. We also humbly give ours.

Visit Land Rover Monmouth at 807 Rte 35, in Ocean Township to schedule a test drive. The staff couldn’t be nicer. They sell new and used Land Rovers, with a new 2014 LR2 starting at $41,578 and a certified pre-owned 2013 model at $32,900.

Featured image courtesy of Land Rover.


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