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Stacking Bracelets the Right Way

When it comes to learning how to stack bracelets, the key is to remember that more is better but it’s much more than just stacking up EVERY bracelet you have in your jewelry box. There is actually a strategy behind it and it’s important to know how to wear

Casual Boho

There are many different combos you can wear for many different occasions but seeing that we are in the middle of summer the casual boho look is great to start with! It has more of a relaxed feel and is great to wear at summer concerts or for an everyday look. You can accomplish this by pairing wrap bracelets with contrasting textures such as leather and mixing in a bunch of beaded ones for good measure. An easy way to get the boho look is by picking earth tone colors for the beaded bracelets and mix wood beads in with metals; this look is quite trendy. It’s

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