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Smokin’ Hot!

Admittedly, when we walk into a nail salon, sometimes the thought of picking a color amongst a seemingly endless selection can be daunting… borderline stressful. That’s why we love getting our nails done by Amber. She picks out what’s hot, and Essie’s Smokin’ Hot is the color du jour. Of course we LOVE the name…who wouldn’t want to be associated with something that’s smokin’ hot!  The color is perfect too — just right for spring.

Amber says that the trend for nails are short and dark. Smokin’ Hot fits the bill.

We love getting our nails done by Amber. The manis last a long time and she doesn’t cut corners when it comes to health/safety. Muy importante!

Schedule your next mani/pedi with Amber at Phenomenail on Rt 35 in Wall/Manasquan. Once you have them done by Amber, you’ll never be satisfied anywhere else. She raises the bar. 732.223.1526 


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