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Raising Awareness for Dottie’s House

Dottie's House

“Mommy…I want to go to bed early tonight. I want to be asleep before Daddy gets home so I won’t hear him yell,” says an 8-year old Annibel. And the severity of the situation finally sets in. The only thing Mommy knows to say is: “Yes, Darling. Mommy will have a talk with Daddy because his behavior last night was unacceptable.” But Mommy knows that the discussion with Daddy will be fruitless; it will just incite the anger all over again.

Abusive relationships are not uncommon, unfortunately. This is why Jersey Shore Style is raising awareness for domestic violence by working with Dottie’s House, a non-profit based in Brick, NJ. Dottie’s House provides safe housing for women and their children through a program that encourages them to become self-sufficient and free from violence. It offers domestic violence counseling, case management, support groups, job readiness training, art therapy for children, and much more.

Dottie’s House is doing wonderful things to help women and their kids overcome the cycle of violence. At Jersey Shore Style, we hope that by working with team at Dottie’s House, we will all learn more about domestic violence and be better equipped to recognize it.

Stay tuned for more about Dottie’s House.


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