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Peachy Keen Moisturizer

Body America: Body Butter in Southern Belle

We stumbled upon a great moisturizer that’s just, well… peachy keen. Actually, it’s a combination of peach and mango extract — and makes for a delicious scent. It’s Southern Belle from Body America, a great line of organic skin and body care. All of their products are made with 72% organic materials, and are paraben-, BHT-, and UREA-free. The products are also enriched with aloe vera to soothe and protect the skin.

Currently, Body America produces body and lip butters, scrubs and foaming mousses for the shower, and a new line of body mists. They come in four different “flavors.” We can only imagine that the other flavors are as yummy as the Southern Belle. They’re available for purchase online or at Rite Aid and Whole Foods.


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