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Party Time for Kids

Get a microphone and a favorite song, and you’ll see just about any kid grab a microphone and start singing along. Get a bunch of kids together and you’ve got the making of a fun time for the kids and parents alike. Such was the case recently at

Creative Experience in Point Pleasant Beach. Creative Experience combines art of all kinds with the experience of a nightclub, so kids can express themselves in a variety of ways — music, art, and even theater.

Creative Experience offers a variety of party activities, including face painting, caricatures, and party hair (getting your hair done in fun ways by a stylist — with glow-in-the-dark hair sprays and ornaments). Have a caricature done of the kids that attend the party, and there’s the give-away gift. Done!  You can customize the party to you and your child’s liking and have your very own creative experience. Contact Creative Experience here or by calling 732-892-3700.


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