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Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

The blizzard of 2010 has sure packed a wollop. As of 4 pm on Monday, many of the streets along the Jersey Shore still are left unplowed. Trucks in Manasquan have apparently broken down. It seems like it will be days before we get back to any kind of normalcy. Since we have no place we can go, here are some things to do to bide the time away:

1) If the wind tapers off, bundle up the kids and get outside and start shoveling! It’s great exercise for the mind and body.

2) Grab your Kindle, smart phone or even a paperback and plant yourself in a cozy spot and catch up on your latest read.

3) See what’s for sale on Shipping is only $2.95, regardless of what you purchase.

4) While you’re online, also check out They sell everything from clothes, shoes, housewares, bags, watches, and more. Shipping is free both ways. They also have a video feature that demonstrates someone actually wearing or using the item you’re thinking about buying. It’s a great feature that takes the guess work out of online shopping. Here’s our pick for an easy breezy weekend outfit. The messenger bag and boots are like no other!

5) After you’ve had your share of online browsing, power down and break out the Scrabble or solitare. The use of games for children and adults are a great way to improve mental and physical skills, and often bring with them a lot of significant benefits, experts say.

After you’ve completed all five activities, repeat again until the snow clears!


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