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Hit the Road with Seacoast Chevrolet’s Equinox

When you’re big on the outdoors, whether it’s taking a boat out on the ocean or camping at the Delaware River, you need a car that can keep up with your active lifestyle. Well, we just test drove a Chevy Equinox, courtesy of Seacoast Chevrolet, and this compact SUV is definitely up to the task.

We took a 2010 model for a spin and instantly understood why the Chevy Equinox is such a popular vehicle. Its smooth drive and pep gave us what we needed to get from point A to B. Almost too smooth, cruise control kept us from taking it past 80mph on the Parkway.

The 2010 model has all the bells and whistles you want in a car: a sunroof, which makes a bright and sunny day even better, and heated seats to keep our bums warm in the chilly months.The car also boasts a navigation system and Bluetooth for hands-free calling, which is a must because no one wants to get busted for having a phone glued to your ear.

The Equinox has space galore, making it easy to stow necessities for camping and other excursions. It can also tow bigger cargo, like a small boat, as long as the load is under 1500 pounds.

There are a lot of great features to this 2010 Equinox that we like. With a press of a button, the remote start can have your car running before you even reach the front door. It’s worth noting that remote starts are prohibited in Europe because of the potential gas waste by leaving a car idling for too long. So use this feature with care! We also liked the gas mileage of this model: a combined 21 mpg. In comparison to others in the market, this is a good number for an SUV.

As for the simple pleasures, the trunk of this Equinox model opens and closes automatically. Once you experience this feature, you kind of wish that all the doors could do the same with a touch of the button. One day!

Onto entertainment. The Chevy Equinox has a fantastic Pioneer stereo system with eight premium, 250-watt speakers located throughout the car, including a subwoofer in the back that really brings out the bass in your music. We couldn’t get enough of the speakers: They make you feel like a boss while listening to The Boss.

As of publishing date, this car is still available for sale. If interested, head down to Seacoast Chevrolet and ask for Phil Russomanno. Seacoast is located at 3410 Sunset Avenue in Ocean Township.

Images courtesy of Seacoast Chevrolet.


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