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Get Organized with Arc Customizable Notebooks

On a recent visit to Staples, we saw a new line of notebooks–paper ones–that got our attention. Recently released last spring,

Arc customizable notebooks help keep track of everyday life. When they say customizable, they mean it — you can choose the notebook itself, then individually pick out your accessories and refill papers, dividers, calenders, and more.

We use both the the large (9.5×11.5) and small (6.74×8.75) notebooks. But it’s the small one that seems to be more convenient, and has become quite a valuable tool. The Arc comes standard with lined notepaper, and we added a calendar, which is exclusive to personal activities only. (We use Google’s online calendar for business.) This way, the Arc calendar makes it clear to see priorities, and helps to keep track of our personal goals–like traveling and visiting friend– and staying up to date with appointments–like “When should I schedule my next (doctor, dentist, haircut, massage) appointment?”

With the Arc notebook, you can rearrange everything as your needs change. The notebooks are affordable, and worth trying. Covers are available in leather and poly, in colors like black, brown, blue, and pink.


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