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Feel Civilized with Polish

We love using Priti nailpolish because they are eco-friendly and contain no toxic chemicals. The colors last just as long as conventional polishes. We can go a week at a time with a Priti manicure. Any more than a week and our nails start to look like Helena Christensen’s from Chris Isaak’s Wicked video, which looks kinda sexy, actually. Want a shot of nostalgia? Check out the Wicked video. It was released in 1989. Do you believe?!

Priti’s fall colors are based on this year’s Yacht Week in Croatia. We weren’t able to make it there this year… we’ll try to catch the next one. The colors are Stonecrop, Sea Holly, Irish Molly and Painters Pallete. They’re fun and lively. It’s just the shot of something to brighten your day! Juli Mei Boutique and Facial Spa carries Priti nail polish in Spring Lake. Head on over for a pop of color!

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