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Break Out the Cardigan

The cardigan sweater: one can probably be found in every woman’s closet. How often you wear it is another story.

Cynthia Nellis at offers 

at least 15 ways to use cardigans, long or short. Consider these tips before bringing it to your next clothes swap:

  1. An easy way to give shapeless cardigans and sweaters shape is to belt them. Place the belt at your waist (the smallest part of your torso, not any lower or higher).

  2. Ground a busy, printed dress or shirt by wearing a solid-color cardigan, or add a pop of color to monochromatic outfits with a bright yellow, green, or pink cardigan over it.

  3. For a relaxed look, wear a cardigan as a shirt — buttoned up, with a lacy camisole  underneath for a feminine touch.

  4. Long cardigans (make sure they extend past your butt!) are great to pair with leggings.

  5. A lightweight cardigan also makes the perfect maternity layer: wearing it long and open also creates a strong vertical line.

For more ideas, check out the full article.


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