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Birthday in a Bag for the Children of Dottie’s House

Image Credit: Dottie’s House

Nothing warms our hearts quite like a story of someone doing their part to bring a bit of sunshine to people’s lives. We were totally blown away by the generosity of 7-year-old Julian Hamilton who asked friends and family to forgo getting him gifts for his birthday and instead bring a “birthday in a bag” for the children of Dottie’s House.

Julian’s party was a huge success, and he stopped by Dottie’s House to deliver the 16 gift bags in person. Each “birthday in a bag” contained cake mix, icing, candles, books, games, and toys. The children of Dottie’s House will be given a bag on their birthdays, making sure that it’s a fun-filled day with good eats.

Hats off to Julian for his wonderful birthday idea and for helping out the children at Dottie’s House! This little guy’s generosity just goes to show that helping others is truly the greatest gift.


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