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At-Home Puerh Tea Party

A Puerh tea set

This is exactly what a tea party should consist of: old and new friends sitting around a table, nibbling on fresh-baked scones and sampling a variety of green tea from China called Puerh tea (pronounced “poo-urr ”). But this is no ordinary tea, as tea expert Jennifer Childers attests. Puerh tea is referred to as “medicinal” tea for its many health benefits: from boosting metabolism and improving eyesight  to aiding digestion and curing hangovers. At a recent home tea party, Jennifer showed us the traditional way to brew the loose-leaf tea – a multi-step process that delivers a more refined flavor as it is brewed. Then we saw how the average person would brew the tea at home, using a basic metal stainer and mug.

Puerh tea has certain notes that make one realize that this is not the everyday, store-bought kind of tea. Instead, its flavor becomes more enjoyable with each sip – just like a fine wine. We sipped and sipped to our hearts’ content, and it was unanimous: we all loved it.

At your home tea party, Jennifer provides everything needed for a home brew: tea pots, mugs, strainers, and of course the tea. When the party is done, you always have the option to purchase any of the materials – which are very affordable. They can also be purchased online or at the seasonal farmers markets in the area (Pt. Pleasant Beach and Seaside Heights). And, if you purchase a monthly featured product, you will receive free samples of the Puerh Tea along with Healthy Puerh tea bags. Interested in hosting a party or attending one? Email Jennifer at for more information!

Healthy Puerh Tea


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