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American Girl’s “Girl of the Year”

American Girl has announced its “Girl of the Year” for 2012: McKenna Brooks, a

determined, energetic girl who loves gymnastics. She uses her strengths to turn challenges into triumphs. McKenna can be ordered with a number of items to play with, including her very own balance beam and uneven bars, a loft bed, a desk for studying, and clothes for every occasion. Ordering McKenna’s

starter pack will get you an exclusive outfit, tons of accessories, her books, and more.

We love American Girl because they do more than just provide beautiful dolls for young girls to play with. They help to empower and enrich kids’ lives, while helping them to stay young! Consider taking a trip to the NYC store. They have a cafe where you can enjoy tea-time or lunch with your favorite American Girl doll. It’s an experience that you’ll cherish.

Check out more information about McKenna and the Cafe at American Girl’s website.


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