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A Three-Dimensional View

New from Sprint this year, the EVO 3D ($199 with a contract) has caught plenty of attention for being the first mainstream smart phone with 3D capabilities. The phone runs on a 4G network and can connect with up to eight other devices in 4G mobile hotspots. It’s compatible with the 150,000 (and growing!) Android Market apps. The phone is powered by a dual-core processor; in layman’s terms, the phone startup and load time has gone from over a minute (for its predecessor) to just under 14 seconds. The processor supports 1080p HD video.

The 3D appeal may be reason enough for some to buy this phone. And we agree, it’s pretty cool  to watch and take 3D videos. But the phone has undergone overall improvements from its predecessor that power-users will appreciate. Everyone is raving about the crisp 4.3 inch screen, which has excellent resolution and allows users to view their captures in greater detail. A toggle switch is all it takes to turn 3D capture on and off. The EVO 3D also comes with Watch, HTC’s movie and TV-show streaming service, although the selection is fairly sparse compared to something like Netflix.

All in all, the EVO 3D comes highly recommended. It’s a top-of-the-line smart phone that has everything you could ever want and more. Visit your local Sprint store or their website to get more information!

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