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Yoga, Run, Bake: In That Order.

Joyful Living Yoga in Point Pleasant Beach. The studio has an annual tradition of offering a free weekend of classes at the beginning of the year. And what a nice treat it was! We twisted in a beginner’s yoga class, banged a drum in another class, and moved our energy in a Tai Chi class. It was a great way to spend a weekend, and it gave us a good taste of what the yogi’s life is like. Many yoga studios offer themselves as a home-away-from-home (because you can spend so much time there) and owner Nicky Scholz gives all a warm welcome. The vibe is great at Joyful Living, and they make it easy to incorporate yoga into your life, on it’s own, or in addition to your other exercises.

Run the Course

In the market for a new pair of running sneakers? So was one of our team members. At the recommendation of a friend, we headed to Miles Ahead Sports, where runners go for their specialty gear. The selection is wide, and so are the sneakers, if you need them to be.

At Miles Ahead, be prepared to get the best sneaker available — not the latest fad. Here, the staff is educated. They will talk with you about your requirements and fit you with the right sneaker.

Bake the Day Away

After exercising and feeling great, allow yourself to indulge in some good baked goods. We recently took a baking class at Soule Culinary and Art Studio on Rt. 88 in Point Pleasant. Pastry chef and owner Robbin Russell took us on a 5-hour journey, and we learned many new techniques! It also gave us a greater appreciation for the hard work that goes into the desserts at some of our favorite restaurants.

If you’re interested in improving your baking skills, or just want something to do, Soule is the place to check out. They also offer cooking classes, for kids and adults, and more. Visit their website for upcoming classes.

Until next time. Peace!

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