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Welcome Warm Weather

It’s just 7 days before Christmas and today it’s a spring-like 60 degrees at the Jersey Shore. Does the warm weather change your plans at all? Still plan to go shopping at the stores, or would you make a break for the beach or park?

Weather Changes Everything (or does it?)

When we get pops of warm weather in the middle of winter, does Allaire State Park call your name? It calls ours sometimes, and if we didn’t have a long list of things to do, we’d break away. Today would be muddy at the park, so if you go, wear the right boots. If you’re heading to the beach, a windbreaker is a must — the winds are howling.

For us, our long list of things to do starts with yardwork on the homestead — picking up what the winds have knocked down. This starts after the Bruce Brunch ends, of course.

Photos on the Boardwalk

Also on our list of things to do are holiday photos on the boardwalk — Convention Hall at Asbury Park, to be precise . (We always try to get time on the beach as much as possible.) Rain is in the forecast, and so we may have to get an earlier start than expected. So out the door we go to quickly get some chores done before heading to the beach.

We’re lucky to have photographer Victor Bubadais behind the camera today — he’s one of the leading photographers of the Jersey Shore.

Whatever you have planned for today, we hope it’s a good one. Be sure to open the windows for a spell, and let the fresh air filter through your home — it’s that warm!

Photography credit:Victor Bubadais


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