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Wax On. Wax Off at Tarise.

Ooh la la. We just loved our recent quickie escape to Tarise Day Spa in Manasquan/Wall. It was only for a brow waxing, but the cool, calming environment of this spa gave us instant respite that we endlessly crave.

A countless number of places offer waxing services, but we were lucky enough to stumble upon Tarise. “We’ll keep them thick,” advised owner and licensed esthetician Andrea Rea. With her German accent — one that we don’t hear too often in these parts — we were quickly intrigued. We know that European standards for skin care are much more strict across the pond, sad to say. So when we find an esthetician that is trained in Europe and opens a spa in Manasquan/Wall, we consider ourselves fortunate to be clients.

Just in the waxing department alone, Rea chooses from a selection of 14 different waxes based on skin type and hair. All treatments (massage, facial, waxing) are done in the same type of room, so it was quite a pampering environment for a brow waxing, to say the least. At just $15 for the treatment, it’s so reasonable that you can’t afford not to go.

We were very pleased with the results, and look forward to going back to learn more about the various treatments and their all-natural products. Tarise Day Spa is located at Valley Park, 2517 Hwy 35 at Lakewood Rd.  Tel: 732.722.7717.


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