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Wavy Hairy Styles

Got wavy hair? Chances are you're in the market for someone that knows how to cut it right. Look no further. We found your perfect match. Drum-roll please….

Danielle Malone, of the namesake hair design studio on Route 88 in Brick. This stylist can create the results that every wavy hair beauty has been looking for!

So many times we get asked for recommendations of stylists that know how to cut wavy hair. It has taken years and many tries, and finally we can report that Danielle Malone is the stylist for wavy hair.

Danielle Malone operates out of her own salon and you know you will be well taken care of. Call her now to book an appointment: 732-714-1437. The salon is located at 2063 Rt 88, Brick Township, NJ.

Before going to your appointment, be sure to show samples like these of hairstyle you are aiming for.

Until next time, peace!

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