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Nashville Calling, Monte Cristo’s Latest Iteration, Local’s Happy Hour

A knock came to the door, and we opened It.

It was Nashville calling, and just like that, we were there. It happens that easy, that fast.

A city for music lovers, we fit right in, just as any music lover should. The music scene in Nashville can’t be overstated. Morning, noon, and night live music plays on. What a treat it is to hear the eclectic blend as you’re getting your morning coffee! Nashville is only a couple hour’s flight from Newark, and a 14-hour drive — if time allows for the scenic route. Our trip, however, was quick, and we got in as much as we could.

Make it Right with Mike

While in the City, we had the sincerest pleasure of meeting Mike Holmes, an HGTV Canada icon, who is also regarded as the #1 trusted contractor in Canada. It’s so refreshing to meet someone who has earned an accolade like this – who also makes it his mission to advance the trades. He’s the ambassador for World Skills, and he has already made strides for his trade, but he’s got a long way to go, he assesses.

‘Make it Right’ are words that Holmes lives by, and it’s a philosophy that we’ve made our mantra after we picked up his book. Just from the sight of those words emblazoned on his book, one knows what to do. Make it right!

Om Shakalaka

To help decompress while traveling, we visited Shakti Yoga studio, which puts you in the right frame of mind. Good yoga is like good chocolate. It’s great as you enjoy it, and when you reflect on it, it conjures up feelings of absolute yumminess. This is what Shakti does for us, and it was a lucky find, thanks to the fabulous Regina Hicks, concierge at Dream Nashville.

Dream Baby Dream

Dream Nashville is a high-style, beautiful, and recently opened hotel was just a dream to stay at. Everything about it was delightful. The decor inspires, the bed restful, and the people, kind.

We enjoyed the small bites at the cafe, as we got our itineraries planned. Dream Nashville was walking distance to everything we required. Our only regret is that we wish we had more time to take it all in.

Monte Cristo’s Latest Iteration

And just as fast as we found ourselves in Nashville, we were back in New Jersey, hankering for a Monte Cristo. They’re different in different places, and the style at River Cafe in Brielle, NJ was a pleasant surprise. Ham, pork, and Swiss cheese, on French toast. Oh, the deliciousness of it all.

Of course, while in the vicinity of River Cafe, you also have to walk over to Sugar, a most awesome gourmet bakery. Happy hour on Fridays is chocolate dipped strawberries. They were delish, and we’ll be back again for them!

Local’s Happy Hour

Stella Marina in Asbury Park, is one of our favorite weekend happy hour escapes. As you walk into the restaurant, if there’s a storm brewing like there was this past weekend, you can see the waves lapping up onto the beach. Stella Marina is a nice escape from the everyday, and Sundays is local’s happy hour. Gourmet dishes for $6… you can’t beat it.

List of things to do

On our list of things to do is make a donation to Second Life Bikes in Asbury Park. They take anything on two wheels and turn them into something reusable for the community. We’ve got two scooters to donate, along with two expensive bikes that were unintentionally abandoned and left out for years. Let’s see what Second Life can make possible!

Fratello’s in Sea Girt is another favorite place we’d like to go back to for some specialty drinks. A good drink, made well, should be experienced, as often as one wishes… well, in moderation.

Until next time, peace!


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