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Lions, Tigers, and Bears

It’s the first summer day (temperature-wise) in late May, and we ventured to Popcorn Park Zoo. Located in Lacey, NJ, this animal rescue center is where you’ll see bears up close and tigers less-so (they shy away from crowds). Lots of people are drawn to this special park and now we know why.

Popcorn Park is a sanctuary for non-domestic animals who can no longer live on their own in their natural habitats. The first rescue was a raccoon caught in a leg-hold trap in 1977. Since then, the refuge has grown to house over 200 exotics, wildlife, farm animals, and birds.

NJ native black bears return find their home at Popcorn Park Zoo.

In some of the enclosures, you can read about the story of the animals.

The Zoo is managed by Associated Humane Societies (AHS), which also runs a domestic animal shelters in Forked River and Newark. They provide onsite access to affordable veterinary care in the local communities and have cared for more than 12,000 animals to date.

Popcorn Park Zoo sells unsalted popcorn to give out to the furry friends.This pot-bellied pig is looking for the yummy snack!

This community-based organization recognizes how critical it is to provide important information to enhance the humane treatment of animals in NJ. To that end, AHS publishes Humane News and ZoonooZ, and promotes welfare initiatives such as TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release).

Lions, Tigers, and Beers — Oh, My!

AHS is hosting its first annual Lions, Tigers, and Beers Festival on June 11th from 4-7pm. There will be food trucks, breweries, wineries, craft soda makers, and local businesses at the festival. Tickets are $45 and designated drivers only pay $15. Purchase your tickets today.

This event is important for more reasons than one. AHS is run exclusively by donations. The funds provide critical support to make sure that every animal that comes through its doors receives the care they need. In addition to providing support toward general animal care, patrons can choose from one of AHS’ designated funds such as the ResQ Fund, providing emergency medical care to animals; vested interest fund, providing bulletproof vests to working K-9s; or an individual animal sponsorship. Visit to make a donation or to learn more.

At Popcorn Park Zoo, a Scottish Highland cow is perfectly fine keeping company with a peacock.

Until next time, peace!


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