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Channel your Positive Warrior

Exhale! Take a yoga class with Jennifer Borenius and it’s exactly what you’ll be reminded to do every so often. Holding our breath is what so many of us do, except in this positive warrior’s class!

Jennifer is the founder of SoulShine Studios and the DIrector of Wellness at the Wave Resort + Bungalow Hotel in Long Branch, NJ. Every Thursday and Saturday morning, you’ll find her teaching rooftop yoga classes overlooking the ocean at the Wave, whenever the weather allows. Once the cooler temps set in, hotel guests and locals just have to settle for the floor-to-ceiling glass-enclosed enclave with a sweeping ocean view.  

Channel your positive warrior

In our private class with Jennifer, we were given the freedom to challenge ourselves or dial it back when needed. Everything about the yoga class was unique, from the rooftop location to the technique. It was a slow groove Vinyasa, suitable for all levels. Bring your own mat or use the cork mats they supply.

The first half of the practice was for warming up and settling into and welcoming the positive warrior within us. Then came Jennifer’s signature three-part Positive Warrior sequence. The first recognizes one’s inner strength, the second acknowledges the past, and the third harnesses the power within us.

Jennifer’s class is for the beginner and advanced. Channel your inner Positive Warrior and take a class! Classes for hotel guests are complimentary. Drop-in classes for friends and neighbors are $20. 

Health benefits beyond the mat

We all know that practicing yoga has its benefits, but did you know that it also helps with weight control and mindful eating?

Until next time, namaste! 


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