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Atlantic City to Get a 19-Story Mural

Exciting news from the Atlantic City Arts Foundation! Renowned Swiss-American artist Mona Caron will paint the largest mural in Atlantic City, commencing in April 2024. Located at The Atlantic, the 19-story mural will be the Foundation's 100th mural, and will become the largest mural in the city.

Native flora is the way

Part of Caron’s WEEDS project, the Atlantic City mural will incorporate flora native to the area, narrating themes of resilience, renewal, and perseverance.

“My WEEDS project is a tribute to resilience against all odds. I paint spontaneously occurring wild plants, native or non-native, and paint them big, at a scale inversely proportional to the attention and regard they get. It’s a metaphoric salute to the struggle of authentic grassroots communities, and it’s a reminder that we need to shift Nature’s ranking in our priorities," said Caron.

The 2024 mural, set to be unveiled at the 48 Blocks Atlantic City festival in June, represents a significant milestone in Atlantic City’s cultural landscape.

The installation, which is scheduled to commence at the end of April, will involve a six-week collaborative effort between Caron and four assistant muralists, including Charles Barbin and Randi Meekins-Barbin, co-owners of Dunes Gallery in Brigantine and creators of several notable murals in Atlantic City, Jenna Morello, a multi-disciplinary artist from Brooklyn, and Morello’s assistant, Baran Duzgan.

“This is a watershed moment for the arts in Atlantic City,” shared Monica Casiello, Board President of the Atlantic City Arts Foundation. “What better city than Atlantic City to be graced with Mona Caron’s art? Her work proclaims resilience. Atlantic City is nothing if not resilient.”

As the leading public arts organization in Atlantic City, the Atlantic City Arts Foundation has played a pivotal role in transforming the city's landscape through public art. Their mural initiative began in 2017 with only enough funding for paint and supplies; the original artists donated their time. The program has since flourished, culminating in the installation of 96 impactful murals; 80 are still on view, transforming Atlantic City's 17.2 square miles into a vibrant outdoor gallery.

“This project is the result of years of work by our team, volunteers, community members, and artists to build a thriving arts community in Atlantic City,” said Kate O’Malley, Executive Director of the Atlantic City Arts Foundation. “We’ve seen firsthand that murals not only beautify our city, but also boost community pride, drive economic development, and attract tourism. Mona Caron’s mural will further highlight Atlantic City as a destination for arts and culture.”

The 100th mural project is made possible through the support of ThriveAC Fund, the Atlantic, Casiello Philanthropic Foundation and Inlet CDC.

For more information about the Atlantic City Arts Foundation visit


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