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Today’s Winter Solstice and Our Halcyon Days

With each new season, more and more we are finding beauty around us, in the present and past. Helping us achieve this is one of our favorite radio stations, NYC-based

WQXR. (We start each morning with true pleasure of listening to host Jeff Spurgeon, who enlightens us with his wit and charm that sends us on our way to work each day.) Today, Spurgeon shares that the winter solstice brings more than just the new season. It also brings us the Halcyon days of calm and peace brought forth by Greek deity Aeolus and the kingfisher.

Embrace the Winter Solstice

For us, this music is the elixir that brings us peace, and helps us to embrace the changing times and the seasons. Better to embrace it than anything else, right? It’s happening. Today. Winter. Starts.

Classical Music for Calm and Peace

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Classical music is here to help you through everything in life, including the changing seasons. You will find that the more you listen to classical music, the more peace and harmony you will encounter, and the best way to start on your classical music journey is with WQXR. The team is top-notch, and all the hosts are our favorites. They raise the bar high — exceptionally high, and each day that we listen to it, the more we appreciate their knowledge, wit, charm, humor, and dedication to the music that transcends all boundaries.

Every so often, as we carry on with our daily work and life, and as the music plays in the background, we catch a glimpse of a sound that makes us stop and say, “Wow. That. Was. Beautiful.” It’s moments like these that we cherish, and make us eternally grateful to WQXR. Thank you!

Be sure to like WQXR on Facebook and download their app so you can listen to it where ever and whenever you want. It’s what we do everyday!

Happy Winter Solstice to all!

Image credit: Brian Rhodes


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