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To Our Friends at...

We all do our best to keep things simple. Wherever possible, we reduce the unnecessary, especially the unsolicited. So when your mailbox gets filled with mail directed ‘To our friends at…’ or ‘Valued reader’ of coupons, what’s a person to do? 

How to unsubscribe from direct mail — Jersey Shore Style


Sometimes the uninvited solicitors, especially those that send direct mail to everyone in a town’s zip code, don’t always make it easy to unsubscribe — just try locating the option on their websites. However, if you type in the company name and the word 'unsubscribe,' you may find what you’re looking for. 

Shout out to save and TheHomeMag for making it easy to unsubscribe from their print mailers. At the bottom right hand corner of the companys’ websites, one can click the link to forego the print version and opt for an email edition.

How to unsubscribe from direct mail — Jersey Shore Style

It was more challenging finding the unsubscribe option from the websites of Clipper Magazine and valpak. (Google search to the rescue.) Click the links and in about 6 to 12 short weeks, your mailing address will be removed from their lists and your mailbox will be less cluttered with things that go straight to recycling anyway. As for SuperSavers, serving Monmouth and Ocean counties, you have to call them at 732-295-8092 to unsubscribe.

Until next time, peace.


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