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The Bathroom Remodeling Guide

Photo courtesy of Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports’ Bathroom Remodeling Guide is out, featuring the latest trends (and how much they’ll cost!) in bathroom redoes.

If your space currently functions well, with no leaks or loose parts, but you’re looking for a facelift, check out their tips for a $1000 makeover. Replacing your mirror and faucet, adding sconces, updating towel racks and bars, and switching out your showerhead are all small details that can make a bathroom look and feel brand new.

1. Do splurge on the shower. If you don’t use the tub that often, consider turning the space into a large shower with more than one showerhead.

2. Do consider water efficiency. Choosing a faucet with an aerator can reduce bathroom sink flow by 30% or more.

3. Do budget for the unexpected. In the end, if nothing does go wrong, you’ve got money left over.

4. Don’t skimp on skilled labor. Leave the more complicated installations to  professionals.

5. Don’t cut corners on key materials. Light fixtures are a good thing to save big on, and choose a basic finish for your faucets — saving you hundreds of dollars without compromising quality.


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