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Summer Loves

Summer fun and romance are quintessential to the season, and we've found a few good things to check out while dreaming a little dream...

Dive into a book

Reading is a year round activity, but the romance book sale is not! The Paperback Exchange is having its sale August 20-22. Book your time slot here.

Go outside

Few things are more attractive than seeing someone read a book at the beach or park. Picture your current or future love with a book in hand instead of their phone. What a breath of fresh air!

(Ok... there is something more attractive... your current or future mate telling you that they're not on social media. Now that's attractive!)

If the weather isn't cooperating, invite your mate to the museum. Go to England, St. Petersburg, Paris, Amsterdam or others beautiful cities without leaving the comfort of your wifi. Here's a list of virtual museum tours:

If those weren't enough, the American Museum on Natural History offers field trips to many more places, some are out of this world. Travel through the Milky Way galaxy. Take a flight around Venus, Earth, and Mars, or take a single flight around our blue planet to see our world's natural wonders — from the Amazon rainforest to the Sahara Desert.

Outdoor Movies on the Big Screen

When the weather is cooperating, head over to an outdoor movie on the big screen. Asbury Park's Baronet turns into an outdoor cinema: a 'carless' drive-in. Movies start at sunset and are projected onto a 20 foot movie wall. Snacks and beverages are sold during the event, and guests are encouraged to bring their own beach chairs and blankets. Check out their schedule.

Get a Room

When it's time to get some digs, you and 15 others can rent one of the most expensive homes in Bay Head, NJ. For about $150 a night per person ($1500+ total), you can get 19 rooms and then some at the historic Bay Head House. Make it a night to remember!

Hit the Farmer's Markets

Located just down the street from the Bay Head House is the downtown's farmer's market. Every Thursday you can pick up some of the area's best fruits and vegetables — sometimes harvested that day!

Visiting local farmer's markets is a a quick way to become a foodie. At the markets, you will find a whole host of people who nurture, grow and know so much about the fresh food that they harvested. Here's a list of the farmer's markets in New Jersey to check out.

Until next time, peace!

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