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NJ Hall of Fame: Vote for the Class of 2012!

In honor of the

NJ Hall of Fame’s fifth class of inductees, they’ve announced fifty nominees for the Hall of Fame Voting – which runs through January 1, 2012. Visit their website to cast your vote and be entered to win a pair of tickets to the fifth annual induction ceremony.

This year’s nominee list includes figures such as early American feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton, actor Christopher Reeve, humorist Dorothy Parker, author Joyce Carol Oates, author Thomas Paine, former NJ Governor Tom Kean, and Mary G. Roebling, the first woman to head a major United States bank.

Past inductees include Frank Sinatra (2008), Meryl Streep (2008), Carl Sagan (2009), President Woodrow Wilson (2010), Jack Nicholson (2010), and Martha Stewart (2011).


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