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Ned Ryerson & the Groundhogs Win Best Bar Band

Congratulations to

Ned Ryerson & the Groundhogs for winning the 105.7 The Hawk’s best bar band. The listeners voted — all 32,000 of them — and Ned Ryerson & the Groundhogs won! The competition was stiff. The runners up included Moondoggie, Brian Kirk & the Jirks, Katfish Lucy, and JP La Stella & Co.

“Tallest Musician on the Jersey Shore” Wins the Area’s Grandest Music Award

A seemingly rightful claim, Ryerson calls himself the tallest musician on the Jersey Shore, at 6 feet 10 inches tall. This, combined with a unique style leaves an undeniable impression on his audience, he also claims. It must be the case if they are this year’s winner of the The Hawk’s best bar band award.

Check out Ned Ryerson & the Groundhogs’ website for upcoming shows and head to one soon. (Hopefully, there’s a celebratory gig in the near future!) And be sure to like the band, and the runners up, on Facebook — it’s always a nice thing to do.


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