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MUSICIAN! New Book For Musicians and Music Lovers

Dan Wilensky’s MUSICIAN! is the must-read book for those who play a musical instrument or wish that they could.  And if you’re in the latter category, this book just might be the inspiration you need to realize your hidden talents.  MUSICIAN! is a practical and entertaining guide for anyone who wants to learn about ways to enhance their musical experience.

From finding work to playing well in the sand box, Wilensky delivers sound advice for being successful in your own right.

Atlantic Highlands resident, Wilensky grew up in Berkeley, CA.  When he turned 18, he auditioned with Ray Charles and got the gig. “Ray told me to be in LA on Monday.  It was surreal,” Dan recalls.  After six months with Ray, and six more months with jazz great Jack McDuff, he moved east.

Wlensky has played on numerous commercial jingles, film soundtracks and TV themes, and can be heard on over 250 records, including hits by Santana, Madonna, R. Kelly, Freddie Jackson, Deborah Harry, Donna Summer, Bryan Ferry, Mark Murphy, Keith Washington, Hall & Oates, Melissa Manchester, James Brown, Rory Block, Manhattan Transfer, and Faith No More.

Wilensky’s books and CDs can be purchased at Visit for more information.


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