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Mi Mexico for Authentic Mexican

Grab your sombrero and head over to Point Beach-based Mi Mexico. It’s one the best authentic Mexican restaurants in our book. The salsa, pureed and tasty, and is great with the homemade chips. We were intrigued to try mango juice and watermelon juice. It’s the perfect beverage on hot summer day. Since Mi Mexico is byob, there’s nothing stopping you from adding a little kick to it too. Everything that we ordered was standard mexican fare, and was delicious.

Friday nights Mi Mexico hosts a Mariachi singer, dressed to the nines with a beautiful voice to match.

Mi Mexico provides great mexican food at an affordable price. For our table of 8, the check came to $120, including tip. We look forward to going back again!


Mi Mexico 1308 Richmond Avenue (near Brave New World) Pt Pleasant Bch, NJ 08742-3053 (732) 899-5599


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