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Damn Right I Got the Blues

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Recently, Jersey Shore Style spent another wonderful night at the Count Basie Theatre listening to the sounds of blues legend Buddy Guy. If you aren’t familiar with Buddy, shame on you (just kidding)! Buddy has been induced into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, received the Kennedy Center Honors back in December, and was declared the  23rd greatest guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone.

So what’s it like to attend the concert of a music icon? One word: amazing. The show opened with an incredible opening act that took our breath away. Quinn Sullivan, a 13-year-old singer-songwriter-guitarist showed off his enviable musical skills — complete with an out of this world Jimi Hendrix cover. We shouldn’t have been surprised that Quinn can play and sing so well – after all, he’s on tour with Buddy Guy.

Buddy took the stage after Quinn, and he opened his set with our favorite song: “Damn, I Got the Blues.” And as soon as Buddy sang the first line – which he did with such straight-from-the-gut conviction – we knew we  were in for a great show. Other standouts from the concert were Buddy’s “74 Years Young” and a spectacular cover of John Lee Hooker’s “Boom! Boom!”

The best part about the show is Buddy’s energy. He was incredibly involved with the audience, interacting with the crowd throughout the concert. Buddy strolled down the aisle, and at one point disappeared in the back of the auditorium, only to reappear in the balcony! And he was playing his guitar the entire time!

Our night of blues left us feeling anything but blue. In fact, we came away from Count Basie wholly inspired by the performances we had just seen. From the 13-year-old musical phenom to the 77-year-old legend that just won’t quit, it’s quite clear that age really ain’t nothing but a number. So the next time you hear Buddy Guy is in town, put it in your calendar! You won’t regret it!


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