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Bring in the Barbeque Specialists

For birthdays, block parties or any special event, call in the barbeque specialists from Party King Catering. It’s a feast for the eyes and bellies.

Founded by Brielle residents Wes Moon and Eric Morgan, Party King Catering recently brought its serious barbeque and woodsmoking services to the lucky guests at the 100th anniversary celebration of the Brielle fire company. Residents were lined up for the hamburgers, hot dogs, and grilled chicken coming from the hand-made grills.

The standard barbeque fare with on-site crew and cooking equipment starts at $19/per person. But if you’re having a serious party, consider the pig roast package for $950+, which would probably feed a small army… or at least our soldiers training at the Army camp!


Party King Catering 732.221.5646 or 732.620.8656


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