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Asking for Help in the New Year

With each new year, many of us make resolutions and strive to become better versions of ourselves. And that’s great — we should constantly try to improve. It’s also why we should make more of an effort to ask for help when we need it. After all, life is about living, learning, and growing, and sometimes we need the help of others along the way. Shining some light on the subject, GirlieGirlArmy recently published,  

“The Benefits of Learning to Ask for Help.”  We couldn’t agree more with the tips it offers when it comes to leaning on others. These are our favorite ones:

If you have a big house chore to handle, like cleaning out your garage or weeding your yard, create a “work crew” of friends. Reward them with a party afterward, and/or offer to swap house tasks the following weekend.

Get your kids involved. Ask them to help fold the laundry, vacuum a room, help with dinner prep, or water the plants. Kids are never too young to share in household or family responsibilities.

Practice saying yes! The next time someone offers you something — to buy you coffee or lunch, to watch your cat, to help you move, and so on — accept the gift, smile, and say thank you!

Stressful situations are obviously hard. For some people, asking for help in these moments is basically the same as conceding defeat or being weak. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. People need support during both the good and the bad, and occasionally we need it more than other times. Remember: there is strength in numbers. Getting help from friends, family, and others — in whatever way you need it — will enable you to overcome the challenges at hand. And the experience can leave you better prepared for similar situations if they were to arise in the future.

If you aren’t used to asking for help, it may feel weird and uncomfortable to you. Don’t let that stop you! The most important thing is to be able to take on whatever obstacle stands in your way, and if that means you need a team at your side, so be it. So go on and lean on, and ask for help.

Image Credit: The Daily Record


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