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And the Beat Goes On

Find your inner groove while banging a drum beachfront. Yep, that’s right. The local Drum Circles have all the ingredients for calm fun, while overlooking the ocean. We can’t get enough of them, and neither can our kids. They love the beach time, the sounds, the drums, the hula hoops, and when we’re lucky, the bubbles too.

Each week new friends and old gather at the the Asbury Park, Belmar, and Long Branch drum circles tirelessly organized by John Eustor, multi-instrumentalist and sound healer. They bring their drums, maracas, cow bells, and anything else to make a beat, and play along. Rhythm skills not necessary.

If you haven’t been to a drum circle before, we recommend attending the Asbury Park session on your first visit. The circle takes place right next to Madame Marie’s digs.

What makes the drum circle a really fun time is the energy level. The circle is electric, and the beat, which builds and builds and builds, draws everyone in. Passersby strolling along the boardwalk frequently stop and join in, adding to the circle’s eclectic mix of participants. We even saw elderly people—one was in a wheelchair—start dancing along to the beat while attending one of the sessions! If that doesn’t illustrate the power of the beat, nothing can.

One of the reasons why the drum circle is so popular is that it’s open to people of all drumming levels and musical ability. Whether your specialty is a real drum set or the air drums, the drum circle is an inviting setting that’s perfect for some outdoor relaxation. Bring chairs or a comfortable blanket to sit on, along with snacks, and take in the music. And to make the experience one kids will enjoy, we recommend hula hoops or those massive bubbles—they’ll definitely have a blast!

The Asbury Park Drum Circle takes place from 6-10PM on Tuesdays on the boardwalk at 4th Avenue and Ocean Avenue. The Belmar Drum Circle takes place from 5:30-9PM on Wednesdays on the boardwalk at 2nd Avenue and Ocean Avenue. The Long Branch Drum Circle takes place from 5-9PM on Saturdays in West End Park Bandshell on the corner of Brighten and Ocean Avenue. The Bandshell has outlets so attendees can bring electric guitars and add another layer to the drum circle.

The three drum circles take place every week, weather permitting, for the duration of the summer. Check the Asbury Park Drum Circle Facebook for updates about cancellations.

Images courtesy of the Asbury Park Drum Circle Facebook.


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