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Pickin’ at Point

Oh how music soothes the soul, and where there is music you will find us — and sometimes, the music finds us. Tonight, we headed to the library for a little respite amongst the books and magazines and newspapers, and we were so fortunate to hear the sweet, sweet sound of bluegrass strumming from the back room. Pickin’ at Point is a monthly program on Tuesdays at the Point Pleasant Beach library, and it’s sound is so soothing it can make the weary weep.

Pickin’ at Point is a Humdinger

We highly recommend stopping in to check out the bluegrass sounds. Bring your acoustic instrument or just your fabulous self and enjoy the true Americana sounds that inspired the great musicians like Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Neil Young, as well as those from across the pond like Led Zeppelin, Beatles, and Rolling Stones. All these musicians jumped at the opportunity to hear music like this, and here it is, in your backyard, ready for you to come and have a listen — for free.

Pickin’ at Point is a true joy to listen to. Thank you, Point Pleasant Beach Library and branch manager Matthew Willbergh for making these events happen. We are grateful for the opportunity to hear such beautiful sounds!

Pickin at Point is taking place again on January 31 at 6pm at the Point Pleasant Beach Library, located at 710 McLean Ave, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. For more information, call 732.892.4575.

Hope to see you there!


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