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Fancy Some Love’s Labor’s Lost?

Take your Shakespearean hats off for this one, the emcee warned us at the onset of the performance. When you see the 

Quintessence Theatre’s adaptation of Love’s Labor’s Lost, you’ll know why. It’s Shakespeare with Americanisms throughout. Josh Carpenter plays the “fantastical” Spaniard Don Armado, and his performance is superb, and downright funny. That voice he uses! The cast gives it their all, and the show shines as a result. If you like Shakespeare — or would like to see a great performance — make the trip to see Love’s Labor’s Lost at the Sedgwick Theatre, just outside of Philadelphia. It’s worth it. The performance runs from March 15-April 21.

Love’s Labor’s Lost: The Story

Love’s Labor’s Lost is about love (of course), vows celibacy, and Russians — 80’s style. The Russians seem to be everywhere nowadays! It’s all about timing, isn’t it? Well, the same holds true for Love’s Labor’s Lost. In the play, the King of Navarre and his entourage — some reluctantly — swear off women for three years. As luck would have it, (or lady luck) the Princess of France and her ladies-in-waiting arrive. Will the men uphold their vows of celibacy? What happens with their love letters, or when the Russian’s do their sultry dance? Yes, they dance. And boy, do they dance!

Buy your tickets now for the next performance and find out! We shall reveal no more!

Remember Cliff Notes? Do students still use them today? Either way, you

can learn about the play here. But remember, when you go to the show, take your Shakespearean hats off!

Coming up at Quintessence Theatre

On the subject of love, Quintessence Theatre is also presenting John Ford’s The Broken Heart from March 29-April 23. It’s a romantic tragedy about marrying for money or love. Sounds intriguing!

When you head to Sedgwick Theatre, be sure to make time before the show to enjoy a meal at Earth Bread + Brewery, right across the street from the venue. Check out the menu for their salads and creative flatbreads. Their craft made beer is brewed in-house, and their drink selection has something for everyone. After you visit, let us know what you enjoyed!

When we went, we just had a few minutes before the show, so we just took a quick tour. We could easily see that it’s our kind of place. We also like their philosophies about sustainability, neighborhood development, and supporting local businesses. Well done, Earth.

As always, enjoy the food and arts!


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