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Family Fun Night at River Rock

Families dance away at River Rock's Family Fun Night

Families dance away at River Rock’s Family Fun Night

It’s a scene like no other: a Monday Family Fun Night at River Rock in Brick, NJ — during winter break. There wasn’t an open seat in the house with half price pizza, half price pitchers of beer, and a DJ spinning songs that the kiddos love. Throughout the evening, the kids are having a blast, dancing to the music or listening for their raffle prize. Balloon animals for each kid makes it so that no one leaves empty-handed.

Overlooking the Manasquan river, with the beautiful decor and lighting, Monday Family Fun Night kind of feels like a wedding reception, sans the wedding. We give it a thumbs up.

However, if your family is not into crowds, you may want to consider another activity. It was pretty jam packed the Monday that we went, but one regular tells us that it’s not quite so overwhelming when outside of the holiday season.

Many families make River Rock’s Family Fun Night a weekly activity, and we can understand why. For the price of it all and the lively entertainment, everyone leaves happy.

Reservations are a must, and making them the day of seems to suffice. River Rock is located at the base of the Rt 70 bridge, adjacent to Crystal Point.

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