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Save on Algonquin Arts Tickets with a Food Donation

The Algonquin Arts Theatre will host a food drive from Saturday, November 19 until Wednesday, November 23. Participants will receive 10% off a single ticket for each food item donated.

Items can be brought to the Algonquin Arts Theatre Box Office at 173 Main Street in

The Algonquin Arts Theatre in Manasquan

Manasquan, at the following times:

  1. Saturday, November 19 from 12-4 p.m.

  2. Monday, November 21 – Wednesday, November 23 from 12-6 p.m.

There is a limit to 10 discounted tickets per person, and this offer cannot be combined with other promotions or ticket sales.

The ticket discount will be offered on upcoming Algonquin Arts Theatre programming, including “The 1940’s Radio Hour” from December 1-4, “ABBA-Mania” on New Year’s Eve, The Viennese New Year featuring Father Alphonse Stephenson, and the Orchestra of St. Peter by the Sea on January 8.

A wide variety of food items are needed, including coffee, soup, canned fruits and vegetables, pasta, sauces, etc. Even if you’re not looking to purchase tickets, stop by and drop off some food.

All food collected will be donated to the Manasquan Food Pantry. Call the theatre at 732.528.9211 to get more information.


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