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Psychic or Therapist? Pick One.

At a cross roads in your life? Got something weighing on your mind? “Would you prefer to pay for a therapist or a psychic?” asks Sabrina, a psychic and grand-daughther of the late Madame Marie, made famous by Bruce’s 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy). It was a Saturday night, 

“What your doing is out of character,” Sabrina warns. “It may be comfortable, but it’s not in line with what you are meant to be doing.” She goes on to tell me about my past, present and future. Unlike a therapy session, no tears are shed; instead I’m cutting myself some slack with my past, and looking to the future with excitement — and patience — for I know that the good seeds I sow today, will bring good things tomorrow… and I should not settle for anything less. (This was one of the hardest lessons learned recently!)

I left the session feeling loads better , and  have been feeling great ever since. A psychic is exactly what this writer needed to get things a movin’, and Sabrina is my go-to spiritual adviser! Visit her on weekends at Asbury Park boardwalk or call to schedule an appointment at 732.869.9174.`

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